Loos DB

LoosBD was founded in 2011 by Menno Loos.

I have a business background in IT, sales, and business development. Currently, I focus on creating art works interspersed with volunteer work and business activities. You can definitely count on me for brainstorming sessions or as a speaker / moderator.

With perseverance and dedication, I have volunteered for over 10 years for the new organ donation law, being one of the driving forces behind it. Seeing the impact of this law in practice makes every challenge I encountered more than worth it. Curious about the whole story? You can read it in my book ‘Dat bepaal je zelf‘ (‘You Decide for Yourself’).

Enthusiasm and drive are qualities often attributed to me. When I believe in an idea or concept, I fully commit to it. I am old enough to know when to take a step back, but young enough to try many more things.

In short: come with a nice and I think along.

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